Matengai Cliff

Shimane, Chugoku

A cruel and powerful-looking precipitous cliff that seems to be denying people's access

Matengai Cliff is a sheer cliff rising 257 m above sea level. The cliff top is a smooth meadow fully covered with green, with a well-maintained walking path developed. You can enjoy a roughly 30-minute walk while enjoying the peaceful scenery of grazing cattle and horses.

However, looking down on the ocean from the rising cliff, you will see dazzling, dynamic scenery. From the sightseeing boat that goes around the nearby area, you can also observe the rough rock surface of the cliff, which has been eroded by the wind and waves of the Sea of Japan. There is also a bridge-shaped rock named Tsutenkyo, which is also a must-see spot.

This is a representative scenic spot in Kuniga Coast, extending for about 7 km. Because of the severe environment, the place was once able to be visited only from the sea. However, a road has been developed and the place is accessible by car. Rows of massive rocks, each a different shape, are awe inspiring. You can definitely feel the mystery of nature.


Urago, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
08514-7-8888 (Nishinoshima Tourism Association)

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