Mabuni Hills

Okinawa, Kyushu

This is an open space in the Okinawa Senseki Quasi-National Park. It is the place where U.S. forces and Japanese forces battled against each other during World War II and has a tragic history of over 0.2 million deaths (mainly general citizens). It has been established as an open space of peace, which includes a monument entitled “Heiwa no Oka (hill of peace),” a war memorial, and the Peace Memorial Museum. Many people who mourn for war deaths or learn the record of the war visit the hill.

A white Peace Memorial Shrine towers at an open lawn hill. The shrine is a 45 m-high facility that can accommodate about 800 people, in which the Okinawa Peace Memorial Statue to hope for the permanent peace of humankind is enshrined. You can see the statute by paying an admission fee of 500 yen. In addition, an environment for learning about sites of battles and path to peace has been established, including the Peace Memorial Hall with a cinema projector and the Peace Memorial Museum that displays materials and hangovers of the war.

The names of all war deaths are carved on the Foundation of Peace that was built to convey peaceful mind in their own countries’ characters, irrespective of nationality and distinction between soldiers and civilians. At present, even after over 60 years have passed since the battle, bereaved families still visit the foundation from other places in Japan and abroad to play for the deaths. Make sure to visit the foundation with solemn mind, giving consideration to bereaved families. The area around the hill is a spot with a lovely view where you can look over the blue ocean. If you face the beautiful sea, your prayer for peace may become stronger.


Azamabuni, Itoman-shi, Okinawa
098-997-4123 (park administration office)

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