Lake Suwa

Nagano, Chubu

Bask in nature at a lake where a god descends!
There are many ways to have fun, including fireworks and boating

The edge of the vast lake decorated with flowers of each season, including Chinese quince and cherry blossoms, has been developed into a popular hiking course. In addition, the lake is also well-known as a sacred place where a god descends once a year. When the winter cold is severe, there appears a glistening white road on the frozen surface of Lake Suwa. This is called “Omiwatari” (a trace of a god) that continues from the kamisha (upper shrine; male god) of Suwa Grand Shrine to the shimosha (lower shrine; female god). The identity of holy omiwatari is a crack in ice that is generated due to the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime. It is said that the social conditions and crop harvests of the year are predicted based on the conditions of the crack. The record of such cracks started in the 14th century, and is said to be the world’s oldest weather record.

In addition, Lake Suwa in winter is also popular for the fishing of lake smelt, carp, and crucian carp. There are multiple rental shops for boats and fishing equipment around fishing spots. So people can enjoy fishing casually even if they do not take anything. On some boats, fish caught is cooked on the spot, which means you can really enjoy the natural taste.

Lake Suwa in the summer time is famous for a fireworks event in August. It is a big event with 40,000 fireworks and 500,000 people gathering from all over the country. In addition, there is a wide variety of summer leisure activities at Lake Suwa, including swan boats, pleasure boats, yachting, motor boating, and windsurfing. Spending a cool holiday while playing with water will surely beat the summer heat.


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