Koyama Pond

Tottori, Chugoku

A large lake where you can see beautiful sunsets and cherry blossoms, which is also home to several species of freshwater fish

Koyama Pond is a blackish lake that formed through a process of separation from the Sea of Japan. The Koyama Sand Dunes are located nearby. The Koyama Pond is about 18 km in circumference, with an average water depth of 2.8 m. There are five islands in the lake, namely Aoshima, Tubushima, Dangojima, Nekoshima and Torigashima. Six rivers flow into the lake. It is the largest lake in Japan among those referred to as ike (pond).

Aoshima, which is the largest island, has a camping site that can be accessed by crossing a bridge. The place is well known for its beautiful sunset view. In spring, about 30 different kinds of cherry blossoms bloom, filling the place with pink colors and a bright atmosphere. Castle ruins and ancient relics have been discovered near Koyama Pond, making it a site for academic research.

Koyama Pond is also a treasure house of freshwater fish, such as carp and crucian. Ishigama-style fishing, which is a fishing method unique to this area, can be seen during the winter. The lake is a part of the San’in Kaigan GeoPark (a scientifically important natural park, supported by UNESCO), which is an important park for the local residents. Why not study about various animals, plants and the environment, and enjoy an intellectual holiday?


Kanazawa, Tottori City, Tottori
0857-31-2900 (Koyamaike Information Plaza)

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