Izu Oshima Island

Tokyo, Kanto

Just like paradise! Let's enjoy nature in Tokyo, where the blue sea and red camellias welcome you!

It takes one hour and 45 minutes by a high-speed jet boat from Takeshiba Pier in Minato-ku, Tokyo, to a paradise full of nature. Izu Oshima Island is one of the Izu Islands that line the Philippine Sea. It is a small island, so it only takes about one and a half hours to go around it by car. It faces the Izu Peninsula and Mt. Fuji beyond the sea, and the appearance of the entire island, where flowers and plants grow, is just like paradise. However, the island belongs to Tokyo without doubt. The climate of the island is not different from that of Tokyo, although it is just little warmer. Therefore, people can easily visit the island without making any special preparations.

An active volcano, “Mt. Mihara,” occupies the center of the island, and there are hot springs and hiking trails developed around it. Marine sports unique to an island town are also active, and there are many dive sites where people can encounter fish in bathing beaches. The cycling course, where you can cycle in nature while viewing the sea, is also popular. In addition, there are many leisure facilities that people can use while being in close contact with nature, such as Oshima Island Park and Umi-no-Furusato (hometown of the sea). There is also a wealth of special local products that take advantage of the blessings of nature, including natural salt and camellia dyeing. If you walk along the streets of the town where old wooden constructions are left, you will see the history of the island on which people have lived their lives in harmony with nature.


Motomachi, Oshama-cho, Tokyo
04992-2-2177 (Izu Oshima Tourism Association)

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