Aomori, Tohoku

Beautiful forms created by nature expand our imagination

Hotokegaura is a place of strange beauty created by beating waves and gusty wind that erode rocks, and extends for 2 km. Feeling a power beyond human understanding in the face of the overwhelming energy of great nature and beautiful forms beyond imagination, people named the rocks after Buddhist images, e.g. “Head of Tathagata (Buddha),” “500 Arhats,” “One Buddha,” and “Beach of Nirvana.”

Because access from land is difficult due to the geography, the place used to be known only to local people. Today Hotokegaura is designated as a scenic spot and Natural Monument of Japan and pleasure boats are operated to enable landing and strolling on the coast. At the ebb, it would be interesting to search for a spring called “Water of perpetual youth and longevity” in the recess of the rocky stretch. However, you would have to walk in the water.

A literary man who was deeply impressed when visiting the place during the Taisho period wrote a poem that is inscribed in a monument here: “Gods and ogres created Hotokegaura, a place that is not of this world.” How about letting your imagination run in nature, away from the world for a while?


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