Dangyo Falls

Shimane, Chugoku

A pair of waterfalls that can be observed from the back

Dangyo Falls is a pair of waterfalls that drops about 40 m. One is called Odaki (male waterfall) and the other is Medaki (female waterfall). There is a shrine on the cliff, and you can go around Odaki from the side of the shrine building to see the falls from behind. The view from the cliff, with water falling against the background of the green forest, is mystical.

These falls are something special for local residents. The place was believed to provide benefits such as long life and the prevention of fire damage. It is also believed that a goddess of victory lives in the falls and the water is the “Water of victory.” Those who participated in bullfighting (fought by bulls pushing one another), a well-known event in Oki Islands, and the old-fashioned sumo dedicated to the gods (a traditional shrine ritual), will always first purify their body with the water from these falls.

The spring near the falls is called the Spring of Dangyo Falls and is selected as one of the Best 100 Water Springs in Japan. You can taste the water at the public water fountain. The two falls join at the waterfall basin, and run as a river into the Sea of Japan. Oki salamanders, a critically-endangered species, live along the river. It is a rare spot where nature is being preserved intact. The mystic power of the water may make your body and soul feel purified.


Kaminishi, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
08512-2-0787 (Okinoshima Town Tourist Association)

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