Cape Noshappu

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

Enjoy superb view of the Rishiri Island from the Cape and rich food from the sea

The cape is close to Wakkanai Station and Wakkanai Hot Spring. You can take up your lodging near Wakkanai Station and visit both the Cape Noshappu nearby and the Cape Soya that is at the northernmost point of Hokkaido. It takes about an hour to the Cape Soya by car. Wakkanai Airport is between the Cape Noshappu and the Cape Soya.

From the Cape at the northwestern end of Wakkanai you can see the Rishiri Island and the Rebun Island. The Rishiri Island gently rising from the sea is worth seeing, especially at sunrise and at sunset. If you are lucky, you may encounter wild spotted seals on the coast. There are facilities called Science Center for Youth and Noshappu Aquarium in the vicinity where you can also see seals. Another point of interest is Onuma where you can see swans in winter.

Local seafood includes Arabesque greenling, scallop, Walleye Pollack, Rishiri kelp, octopus, squid, Pacific cod, flounder and Japanese sand lance. Hokkaido is famous for sea urchin bowl but local exquisite scallop is also highly recommended. Food, especially seafood, is so rich in variety that it would be hard to eat everything you wish if you stay only for several days.

Note: the Cape Nosshapu is in Wakkanai, but there is the Cape Nosappu in Nemuro of east Hokkaido. It would take a whole day to go there from Wakkanai. So be careful not to go to the unintended place.


Noshappu, Wakkanai, Hokkaido

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