Cape Inubo

Chiba, Kanto

Stunning wild and powerful waves hitting the quay
A cape with a 360 ° panoramic view

If you look at a map of Choshi City, it looks like it is jutting into the Pacific Ocean on a map. In the city, Cape Inubo is where wild waves of the Pacific Ocean powerfully hit rocks. Sparkling white Inubosaki Lighthouse stands at the tip of the cape against the background of blue sky and sea. It’s beautiful like a picture. There is a path along the coast, and you can closely view overwhelming scenes.

The geographic name that means a “Cape where a dog barks” derives from the legend of a tragic commander, Yoshitsune Minamoto. Yoshitsune was displaced by his elder brother and fled to this place. However, one day, he came to know that his dog, Wakamaru, was haunted by a ghost of his enemy. In fear of being cursed, Yoshitsune set sail and left Wakamaru behind. But Wakamaru continued to bark for seven days while seeking his owner, and his grief turned him into stone. “Inuiwa” (dog rock), which is the source of the legend, is located at the southwestern part of Cape Inubo, and it welcomes tourists with its humorous shape.

The lighthouse can be said to be symbolic of Cape Inubo, and was built in 1874 according to a design made by a British engineer, Henry Brunton. Its architectural value has been highly valued, and the lighthouse has been selected as one of the lighthouses in the IALA list of “100 lighthouses as historic and architectural monuments.” If you walk up the 99 steps of the spiral stairs, you can have a panoramic view of the grand Pacific Ocean from the observation deck (200 yen). In addition, “Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum,” where a huge lens is displayed, is on the premises, and “Inubosaki Marine Park” and other tourist facilities are nearby.


Inubosaki, Choshi City, Chiba
0479-22-1544 (Choshi Tourist Association)

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