Anmon Falls

Aomori, Tohoku

Three mysterious falls appearing at the end of a steep trekking route

Anmon Falls is one of the must-see spots in Shirakami-Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a collective name for three waterfalls upstream of Meya Valley. The first fall drops 42 m, the second drops 37 m, and the third drops 26 m. The trekking route along the valley allows you to see all three falls and enjoy a superb view in two hours. The area is surrounded with steep rock walls and old beech and pine trees. Although the place was covered with a thick forest that was difficult to even walk through, now a motorway cuts through it. You can go up the river using this road to see the three falls, from the third to the first.

If you are taking the walking path, please wear trekking shoes, because it is quite some distance to the first fall, the goal of the route, and the slope near the falls is steep. The area has facilities such as parking spaces, restaurants, a tourist information center and a toilet, but there are no toilets along the trekking route. Also, when the weather is bad, please follow the instructions of the information center. You can normally enter the trekking route from mid June to late October, but you need to check the detailed yearly schedule.

The further you go, the greater the waterfall drops are. The mist from the falls filling the air will cool and refresh you. The mysterious atmosphere will remind you of ancient times, and the fall leaves are especially fascinating. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Anmon Falls.


Ohkawazoe, Kawaratai, Nishimeya-mura, Nakatsugaru-gun, Aomori
0172-85-2800 (Commercial, Industry, Sightseeing Section, General Affairs Division, Nishimeya-mura Village Office)
The site is closed for winter from mid November to late April, and other times during bad weather.
About 2 hours from Hirosaki Station on the JR Ou Line (about 4 and half hours from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen) by a Konan Bus bound for Tsugaru-Toge; get off at Aqua-Green-village ANMON, then about 5 minutes on foot. (Car) About 1 hour and 10 minutes from Owani-Hirosaki Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway.

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