Aka Island

Okinawa, Kyushu

The appeal lies in the convenience of being able to cross the bridge to the next island, and some of the most beautiful sea in the whole of Okinawa Prefecture.

Aka Island is an inhabited island located in the Kerama Islands, in Okinawa Prefecture. Even amid hot competition from other parts of Okinawa, which is famed for the beauty of the sea, the many fans of Aka Island say it is in at least the top two areas of Okinawa for its sea. In particular, you don’t need to go diving to be able to see many vividly-colored tropical fish at its main beach, Nishihama, so it attracts many repeat visitors.

The island, which has a population of less than 400 people, is also home to pristine forest and wild Ryukyu Sika deer (Cervus nippon keramae), a protected species. Amid the sleepy settlements with a rustic atmosphere that is the true hallmark of the Okinawan countryside, you’ll be able to get a taste of the simple island lifestyle.

A number of the guest houses on the island rent out bicycles to guests, so there are any number of ways to enjoy your time here-the only limits are your energy and your imagination. You can cross the bridge to Geruma Island and Fukaji Island, or use the Zamami ferry service to go to Zamami Island. Why not create an itinerary that suits you and take a tour round all four islands?


Aka, Zamami, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
098-987-2277 (Zamami Tourist Information Center)
1 hour 30 minutes by ferry, or 50 minutes by high-speed ferry (1 hour 10 minutes if it goes via Zamami Island) from Tomari Port (20 minutes by car from Naha Airport) on Okinawa Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

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