Sapporo Art Park

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

Appreciate and/or create art surrounded by beautiful nature of Hokkaido

Sapporo Art Park is a city park that has various art-related facilities such as an outdoor museum, a craft studio, a glass studio and a music hall. While centering on exhibitions of sculptures, contemporary art and so on, it also focuses on research, study and education activity.
The harmony of nature, buildings and art in the park is beautiful and it is selected as one of the best 100 public architectures in Japan.

The extensive outdoor museum with the area of 7.5 hectares is embedded in undulating landscape and nature of lush greenery. 73 sculptures by 64 artists are displayed in nature which changes its appearance from season to season. Many of them were made newly by the artists who came to the museum to see the site where their works would be exhibited.
At each studio in the park, visitors can watch artists making their works. Some of the studios can be rented and used by an individual or by a group. For example, the ceramic studio is equipped with various ceramic-making tools such as a clay kneading machine, a kerosene kiln and an electric kiln. A variety of people from beginners to professionals are using the studio. As there are also an anagama kiln and a noborigama kiln in the park, a serious ceramic-making is possible.

If you wish to soak up art in nature of Hokkaido and/or to have some quiet time of creation, please visit Sapporo Art Park.


75, Geijutsu-no-mori, Minami-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido
Admission Fee
Varies depending on facility. Check the official website for details.
[Air]About 1 hour 30 min from Haneda Airport to New Chitose Airport, about 1 hour by Bus from New Chitose Airport to Makomanai Station, about 15 min by Hokkaido Chuo Bus from Makomanai Station to Geijutsu-no-mori Entrance or Geijutsu-no-mori Center

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