Osaka Furitsu Gendai Bijutsu (Modern Art) Center

Osaka, Kansai

Osaka Furitsu Gendai Bijutsu Center aims to forge interactive connections between artists and visitors, with a collection that focuses on people rather than objects. The Center houses and exhibits some 900 items, consisting mainly of modern woodblock prints. It also shows works by noted artists selected by modern art galleries for their unique perspectives. These diverse pieces, including paintings, plastic arts, photographs and installations, highlight the multifaceted nature of modern art. At the museums information corner, posters and promotional materials for exhibitions and art contests all over Japan take up an entire wall.’


3-1-43 Ote-mae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Admission Fee
Sundays, New Years holidays'
[Walk]Hankyu Umeda Stn./5-min. walk/Higashi-Umeda Stn./Osaka Shiei Subway Tanimachi Line/7-min. ride/Tanimachi 4-chome Stn./3-min. walk

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