Ohara Museum of Art

Okayama, Chugoku

The Ohara Museum of Art was built in 1930 and expanded its original collection of Western paintings and sculptures after the war. It displays works by impressionist painters and other notable 20th-century artists, as well as El Grecos works from the 17th century. “Annunciation” of El Greco and “Woman by Spring” of Pierre-Auguste Renoir are also included in its display. In addition to its Main Gallery, it also has the Annex, Craft Art Gallery, Asiatic Art Gallery and a new exhibition hall. Its collection includes 650 Western-style paintings, 30 sculptures and 370 ceramics from around the world, as well as 320 prints of Shiko Munakata. The Museum also boasts 200 antiques from China and over 1,000 from Egypt and Persia (Iran).’


1-1-15 chuo, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama
Admission Fee
1,300 yen
Monday (except national holidays,Aug.,and Oct.)
Dec. 28-31
[Walk]JR Kurashiki Station/On foot/15 min.

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