Hyuga City History and Folk Museum

Miyazaki, Kyushu

From the Edo period (1603-1868) to the Meiji period (1868-1912), the port town of Mimitsu flourished as a hub for trade with the Kansai region. The cityscape of its heyday remains even today, including buildings, walls, and stone pavements, and it has been designated as a national important preservation district for groups of historic buildings.

Located at the center of this preservation district, the Hyuga City History and Folk Museum is housed in a building restored in 1982, which was built at the end of the Edo period for a shipping agent business, and now displays various items in its collection. It replicates various aspects of merchant houses of the time, including the courtyard with a small man-made hill and ornamental rocks, as well as a hanare, or separate villa. Incorporating many aspects of the architectural style typical of the machiya townhouses of Kyoto and Osaka, such as hako-kaidan step chests, mushikomado finely-latticed top-floor windows, and kyogoshi latticed windows, this building is well worth a look. In addition, the exhibits inside the building include ledgers, abacuses, writing desks, and various other tools of commerce, as well as historic and folk artifacts, and archaeological materials dating from the Jomon period to the Kofun period. The second floor affords a view out over the sea at Mimitsu. In the preservation district, you can also visit the Mimitsu-ken, which occupies a machiya-style townhouse, and the Mimitsu Machinami Center, in what was once a shop dealing in kimono fabric. We heartily recommend that you take a leisurely stroll through this atmospheric townscape that will make you think you’ve stepped back in time.


3244 Mimitsu-cho, Hyuga City, Miyazaki
9:00 - 16:30
Admission Fee
Adults 210 yen, High school students and below 100 yen
Mondays (if it's national holiday, day after monday), New Year holidays

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