Tanegashima Space Center

Kagoshima, Kyushu

The largest launch site in Japan, where artificial satellites and rockets begin a journey.
See the cutting edge of Japan's space science and technology.

Tanegashima Island is located off the coast about 40 km south east of Cape Sata, which is at the southernmost tip of mainland Kyushu. Tanegashima Space Center, the largest rocket launch site in Japan, was established on this island in 1969. On the approximately 9.7 million square meter premises, staff members conduct operations, such as rocket assembly, satellite mounting, and launching. Most of Japan’s rockets and artificial satellites are launched from the center.

Entry to the Space Museum located on the premises is free. By entering a full-scale model, you can feel the scale of the experiment module “Kibo,” which has been mounted on the International Space Station. In addition, it is also possible to experience a simulated space test. At “Rocket Launch Theater” you can see the scene of a rocket launch with overwhelming images and sounds, and at “Museum Shop” you can purchase space-related goods. In addition, there is an observatory providing a panoramic view of the three rocket launch sites on the premises. If you make an advance reservation, you can also have a guided tour including explanations on each spot.

The Tanegashima Space Center was established along the southeast coastline of Tanegashima Island, disturbing the natural landscape as little as possible; it is a rocket launch site with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.


Mazu, Kukinaga, Minamitane-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima
0997-26-2111 (to register for a guided facility tour, call the facility tour desk at 0997-26-9244)
Free for Space Museum and guided facility tours (advanced booking required for a guided facility tour)
Mondays (the following day if Monday is a national holiday), December 29-January 1; open everyday in August unless otherwise stated. The facility may be temporarily closed when a rocket launch is scheduled.
Hours for Space Museum Exhibition Hall: 09:30-17:00 (09:30-17:30 in July and August)

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