Yunoyama-onsen Hot Spring

An old hot spring with a legend of deer healing their wound with its water

Situated at the foot of Mount Suzuka, Yunoyama Onsen is a place to soak in a hot spring while looking at mountains. The both banks of the Mitaki River are lined with inns and hotels, many of which have open-air baths facing mountains. The alkaline radium water is said to contain elements that are good for skin.

If you are lucky, you may encounter wild animals such as Japanese serow, Natural Monument of Japan. The hot spring is also called Deer Hot Spring. Legend has it that deer healed their wound by soaking in the hot water. The 700-year long history of the hot spring generated such a legend. After taking a bath, it may be interesting to look around souvenir shops while strolling in the resort along the Mitaki River.

Yunoyama Onsen is the first station of a ropeway to Mount Gozaisho. A 2,161-meter walk in the sky for about 12 minutes is an opportunity to enjoy a sweeping vista from the Ise Plain and Ise Bay to the Chita Peninsula. How about enjoying nature of the season on the peak and then hot spring below to heal both heart and body?


Komono, Komoono-cho, Mie
059-392-2115 (Yunoyama Onsen Kyokai)

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