Yachi-onsen hot springs

Aomori, Tohoku

A hidden hot spring with only one inn has been used for hot spring cure for years

Up in the mountain at 780 meter above sea level and facing Yanai Marsh where alpine plants grow naturally, Yachi Onsen is a hidden spring with only one inn. Single-day trip to take bath (open from 10:00 to 18:00: make inquiry for opening periods) is also possible. The rustic old-fashioned building has no shower in bathroom and it is difficult to control the temperature of hot water flowing from faucets. However, the fuss itself is the irresistible attraction for fans of hidden hot springs. The hot spring was opened about 400 years ago. There are two baths–“Kamino-yu” has white water with higher temperature (42 degrees C) while the water of “Shimono-yu” is clear and colorless with lower temperature (38 degrees C.) Wooden bathroom and bathtub creates an atmosphere of an old health resort.

There are not only people coming for the rustic atmosphere of a hidden hot spring, but also those coming for extended stay to improve their health in the hot spring (not for sightseeing.) It is said that long soaking in a tepid bath is effective for hot spring cure. The hot spring is used for nerve pain, joint pain, fatigue, feeling of cold, bruise, skin diseases, chronic digestive disorder, hemorrhoids, to make skin beautiful, etc. Tourists are recommended to take time to compare the two baths.

At the back of the inn soars Mount Takada Odake of Hakkoda. Situated at the starting point of a trail up the mountain, this is the best place to restore your energy by soaking before climbing and recover from fatigue after climbing. In addition, Yachi Onsen has a unique atmosphere of a hidden hot spring, which is worth coming for its own sake.


Horyo Yachi, Towada City, Aomori
0176-74-1181 (Yachi Onsen)

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