Sanbe-onsen Hot Spring

Shimane, Chugoku

Location to serve as a base for sightseeing of World Heritage Site Iwami Silver Mine

Sanbe Hot Spring has been known as a good-quality hot spring at the foot of Mount Sanbe, a symbol of Oda City, Shimane. According to legend, the hot spring started with the eruption of Mount Sanbe about 4000 years ago. The place that flourished since 1789-1800 as a health resort is now popular as a base for leisure activities such as walking on the highland overlooking Chugoku Mountains including Mount Sanbe designated as Daisen Iki National Park as well as camping and skiing. With its location convenient to explore the World Heritage Site Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, the resort remains popular down the ages. The area is also called “Shigaku” meaning “aspiration to learn” so the hot spring was called “Shigaku onsen” in the past.

With water pouring out as much as 3,000 liters per minute, the hot spring has the volume at the top level in Japan. It is alkaline salt carbonate spring containing sodium, calcium, etc. They say the hot spring is good for nerve pain, sore muscles, joint pain, fatigue, feeling of cold, motor weakness, bruise, chronic digestive disorders, cuts, burn injuries, chronic skin diseases, chronic women’s diseases, hemorrhoids, etc. The hot spring pouring out from the source about 1 kilometer away from the resort is supplied to individual hotels and inns.

“Tsuru-no-yu” and “Kame-no-yu” of Yakushi-yu are public baths that have been popular as hot spring for longevity. Accommodation is offered by hotels and inns with spacious bathtubs and open-air baths, which are available not only to hotel guests but also to other visitors.


Sanbe-cho Shigaku, Ohda city, Shimane
0854-88-9950 (Oda Tourist Association)

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