Izumo Yumura Hot Spring (Shimane)

Shimane, Chugoku

Velvety hot water pervading heart
Has healed people for 1300 years

Shimane Prefecture with Izumo Taisha shrine is a land of myth where legends have been passed down in many parts and many remains have been uncovered. Izumo Yumura Hotspring is located in the south of this land, deep in a mountain town of Unnan. The Hii River flowing through the center of the resort is famous for the legend of Yamata-no-orochi, a huge serpent with eight heads and eight tails. Now the river is popular for ayu (sweetfish) fishing and attracts many anglers in season. This is a small hot-spring resort with just one inn on each side of the river and one communal bathhouse. However, Izumo Fudoki that is believed to be compiled in 733 AD gathering records of local culture and climate states “A medicinal hot spring bubbles up on the bank of the Hii River,” which indicates that a hot spring was there 1300 years ago and has been healing people.

Traditional Yunouekan communal bathhouse is comfortable with a warm feeling of wood. Natural hot water continues to flow abundantly and its volume is amazing. Clear and colorless hot water will warm you through to your body’s core with a soft and smooth feeling. The water is also used as drinking water with efficacy for the digestive system.

Along the Hii River there is a row of cherry trees selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots. Here, you can enjoy bathing while feasting on the beauty of nature in all seasons; cherry blossom in spring, fireflies in summer and colored leaves in autumn.


Yoshida-cho-kawate, Kisuki-cho-yumura, Unnan, Shimane
0854-40-1054 (Unnan City Commerce, Industry and Tourist Department)