Hoshino-onsen hot spring

Nagano, Chubu

Hot spring resort that has been loved by cultural figures of Japan

The hot spring poured out in the summer retreat Karuizawa in 1915. The resort with only one hotel has been loved by many cultural figures such as poets Kitahara Hakushu and Yosano Akiko. The area is operated by a company named Hoshino Resorts that enjoys popularity for its hospitality. Hoshinoya Karuizawa for long stay, Tombo-no-yu for a day-trip bathing, restaurants and a church form a large resort. The hot spring is known for its effect to make skin beautiful and very popular among female groups. The chloride spring is also used for hypertension, feeling of cold, nerve pain, diabetes, joint pain and fatigue.

Tombo-no-yu for a day-trip bathing (please check for opening hours, etc.) is a bath house for casual enjoyment of the hot spring. The inside bath with fragrance of cypress makes visitors relax with its high ceiling and the view of the season through large windows. An open-air bath merged into nature is made of rustic Towada stone. Granite stones brought from Shodoshima island are artistically arranged to create an outstandingly open atmosphere. Comforted through skin and eyes, you will be refreshed mentally and physically.

Walking a recreational trail, you will reach a small town named “Harunire Terrace” lined with restaurants, variety and other stores. The hot-spring resort highly rated for its effect for beautification is also a fun place to stroll after bathing.


Hoshino, Karuizawa-cho, Nagano
0267-44-3580 (Hoshino Onsen Tombo-no-yu); 0267-45-6000 (Hoshinoya Karuizawa)

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