Hanamaki-onsen Hot Spring

Iwate, Tohoku

Hanamaki-onsen, representing Iwate Prefecture, is the generic name for several hot springs including Dai-onsen, Hanamaki-onsen, Shidotaira-onsen (along the Toyosawa-gawa River) and Hanamaki-minami-onsen-kyo Village, which consists of eight different hot springs like Osawa-onsen. This location has developed as a popular travel destination over the years and is well known as a hot spring and therapeutic bath resort area for people living in Hanamaki. A number of famous literaries such as Kenji Miyazawa and Kotaro Takamura have immensely enjoyed this hot spring. Nearby, you can find the “Hanamaki-onsen Rose & Herb Garden” built at the remains of Nansha-kadan Garden designed by Kenji Miyazawa, who spent his entire life in Hanamaki.


Hanamaki, Iwate
[Bus]20 min ride by Iwate-ken Kotsu Bus from JR Hanamaki Station (Tohoku Line).

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