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Hot springs with water in five different pastel shades

Gora is a town of hills and hot springs, located on a gently-sloping mountain in Hakone, one of Japan’s leading hot spring resorts. The terminus of the Hakone Tozan Railway, Gora has an abundance of things to see and enjoy, including a park that makes the most of the beautiful natural environment, Japan’s first outdoor art museum, and a cable car.

A comparatively newly-developed area of Hakone, until the beginning of the 1900s, Gora was a barren wasteland scattered with immense rocks that had tumbled down the mountain. It is said that the name of this area derives from these rocks, which resembled the hard shell (kora) of a tortoise. Development of the area progressed rapidly once the railway was laid in 1919, and an excellent hot spring was also discovered there, so Gora is numbered among the renowned 17 hot springs of Hakone.

Gora hot spring is the best in Hakone in terms of the number of types of spring water. As the spring quality differs in each part of Gora, it is often described as “the hot spring with five pastel shades.” The transparent hot water is soft and gentle on the skin; the yellow hot water leaves the skin velvety-smooth; the milky-white hot water is said to be good for those who feel the cold easily; the deep brown hot water soothes away stress; and the pale green hot water is said to be gentle on the stomach. You’ll want to try all five types.


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