Aso Uchinomaki-onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village

Kumamoto, Kyushu

Recharge your batteries while gazing at the magnificent mountain vista in the distance!

Located at the very heart of Kyushu’s Kumamoto Prefecture, the caldera of the five peaks of Mount Aso is one of the largest in the world. The stunningly immense scale of this scenery led to its being designated as the first national park in Japan. Aso Uchinomaki Hot Spring is a hot spring area located at the foot of the famous peak called Daikanbo, at the outer rim of Mount Aso’s crater. Around 80 springs and more than 20 accommodation facilities are scattered across this tranquil pastoral area, which is a bustling hub for tourism in the Aso region.

What enchants hot spring fans is the chance to tour all eight of the town’s public baths, where you can steep yourself in the atmosphere of yesteryear in small bathtubs housed in simple buildings. As well as being relatively cheap, with entry priced at 100-500 yen each, all eight public baths have a continuous feed of water from the hot spring (hot water is supplied directly to the bathtub as it emerges from the ground, without any other water being added or the temperature being adjusted). In addition to the public baths, the baths at the hotels and traditional ryokan inns also have water supplied directly from the hot spring, although the type of water differs slightly between each of them. The hot springs at Aso contain lithium. Soak your cares away in the hot water while gazing at the magnificent mountain vista in the distance, to refresh both your body and mind. You’ll feel as though energy is welling up inside you.


781 Ozato, Aso, Kumamoto
0967-32-1960 (Aso City Tourisst Association)

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