Tendo City

Yamagata, Tohoku

Specialties of place where 2 kids descended from heaven
Shogi Japanese chess pieces, fruits and hot springs

The city of Tendo is located roughly in the center of Yamagata Prefecture. The name of the city originated from a mystical oral tradition that two kids descended from the heaven when a Buddhist priest was chanting a prayer at the top of Mt. Maizuru.

Tendo is known as the city of producing “Shogi” Japanese chess pieces, hot springs and fruit. The method of producing shogi pieces for the Japanese board game was brought to Tendo during the Edo period (1603 to 1868) and took hold as local craft. Shogi pieces produced in Tendo as its traditional craft product have captured a domestic market share of around 95 %. Tendo therefore has lots of events and specialties related to shogi. In particular, “Ningen shogi” or human shogi in which armored or kimono-clad people act as shogi pieces is now a feature of spring in the city.

Production of fruits is also flourished in Tendo, offering various high-quality fruits, such as pears of the la France brand, cherries, apples and peaches as local specialties. In addition, Tendo has developed as a spar resort since a hot spring was found in a paddy field in 1911. Visitors can enjoy hot springs at various lodging facilities such as purely Japanese inns or modern hotels. While out for a stroll, they can enjoy “Ashiyu” (leg-soaking) hot springs available in the resort area.


1-1-1 Oinomori, Tendo City, Yamagata
023-653-1680 (Tendo Tourism Product Association)

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