Shiomi-nawate Street

Shimane, Chugoku

An attractive place to walk and check out life in samurai houses in the Edo Period (1603-1868) near Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle is the symbol of Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, constructed by warlord Horio Yoshiharu in 1611. A castle festival held every year in cherry-blossom season, from late March to early April, is popular among tourists. Along the northern moat of Matsue Castle, there is a street about 500m long, where Nagaya-style gates and fences of old samurai houses are lined up. The street, where the atmosphere back in the days of the castle town is still preserved, is called Shiomi Nawate Street. Positioned roughly in the middle of the street is the house of Shiomi Kohei, who was in the post of machi-bugyo (in charge of justice and administration of the region). Shiomi Kohei achieved an extraordinary rise in the world, and the street was named after him in his honor. Nawate means a street running straight like a stretched rope (nawa in Japanese), and the middle-class samurai houses used to line the street.

There are household equipment and domestic goods, such as chests used by upper- and middle-class samurai for keeping swords, and grooming goods such as oil, face powder, and combs are exhibited in old samurai houses facing Shiomi Nawate Street. You can get a glimpse of life in samurai households back in the Edo Period (1603-1868).

In Shiomi Nawate Street, you can feel history even from the old pine trees along the moat. Various different scenery for each season should also relax your mind.


Kitahori-cho, Matsue City, Shimane
0852-27-5843 (Matsue Sightseeing Association)

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