Former Nagaoka House

Tokushima, Shikoku

Old folk house with a thatched roof and two rooms aligned horizontally, showing the life of farming households in the 17th century

Mima City, where the former Nagaoka House is located, is in the western part of Tokushima Prefecture. Yoshino River runs east and west through the central part of the city. Most of the city is covered with hills and mountains, and 80% of the total area is forest. It is a region full of nature, surrounded by water and green.

The former Nagaoka House, built in 1735, is the representative architecture for farm houses in the mountainous area during the middle of the Edo Period (1603-1868). It is designated as one of the Important Cultural Properties in Japan. It is an old folk house with a thatched roof hanging low on its eaves, ensuring coolness in summer and warmth in winter. The house went through partial repair and renovation four times in the past, but the original architectural materials, including the timber, are still used. It is not a grand house, with an earthen-floor room and bedroom aligned horizontally. Because there are no closets to store mattress or bedclothes, this was a house for eating and sleeping, and it can be imagined that the residents mainly worked while living in this house. It is also unique that the record of construction is written on a signboard on the outer wall of the house, which is a characteristic that can be seen only in houses in Tokushima, not in other prefectures. The former Nagaoka House is very precious, not only in terms of the building itself, but also in terms of telling about the lifestyle of people in those days.


Inoshiri nishiueno, Wakimachi-town, Mima City, Tokushima
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