The University of Tokyo

Tokyo, Kanto

Taste the intellectual atmosphere amid the verdant,
traditional surroundings of Japan's most prestigious educational institution

The University of Tokyo is a national university established in 1877. It is Japan’s most prestigious educational institution and its name is often abbreviated to Todai. Todai has five campuses. The Hongo campus is the headquarters of the university and is the one with the longest history.

Akamon, the big red gate that is the symbol of the university, is a nationally-designated Important Cultural Property that conveys the traditions and history of this institution. Its official name is Kyu-kaga-han-yashiki Goshuden-mon (the Goshuden Gate at the former residence of the Kaga fiefdom’s ruling clan). This University of Tokyo campus was formerly the site of the residence of a feudal lord. This gate was built in 1827, during the Edo period, to welcome the daughter of the shogun, from the Tokugawa clan, when she married the lord of the Maeda clan of Kaga. Following the Meiji Restoration, this feudal lord’s residence became the University of Tokyo; having been dismantled and repaired in 1961, the Akamon still stands today, watching over the comings and goings of the students.

Moreover, in the fall, the gingko trees that line both sides of the path from the Main Gate to the Yasuda Auditorium glow golden in the autumn light. Standing taller than the university buildings, the trees provide a sense of tranquility. Even if you are not a student, you can freely enter the campus and look around. However, please remember that, first and foremost, this is a place of learning. We are sure that you don’t need to be reminded to be considerate and respectful of the surroundings.


Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Visitors are free to look around, but must check whether they are permitted to view inside buildings.

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