Wajima lacquer

Ishikawa, Chubu

This is the local lacquerware of the city of Wajima, on the Noto-hanto Peninsula of Ishikawa Prefecture facing the Sea of Japan. Wajima-nuri lacquerware uses a large quantity of lacquer and is known to be hard-wearing, thanks to a painstaking process involving over 70 coats of lacquer. Another feature unique to Wajima lacquerware is decoration utilizing a technique in which the surface of the lacquer is engraved with a design, which is then filled in with gold leaf. Large products include zataku (a low table used in Japanese style tatami rooms). A variety of general items such as soup bowls are also produced. Wajima lacquer was designated a traditional craft in 1975.


Wajima Lacquerware Museum:24-55 Kawai-machi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa
[Bus]JR Kanazawa Stn. / Bus / 2-hr. ride / Wajima Shikki Kaikan Mae Stop / 1-min. walk

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