Aichi, Chubu

The use of Toyohashi-fude (writing brushes of Toyohashi) dates from 1804, when a feudal lord ruling the Toyohashi region of Aichi Prefecture invited Suzuki Jinzaemon, a master brushmaker in Kyoto, to supply brushes under his patronage, and consequently production grew in this area as a sideline for members of the samurai class to supplement their incomes. With the growth of other types of writing utensils after World War II, the demand for writing brushes dwindled. Later, calligraphy lessons were reintroduced to the Japanese school curriculum, stimulating demand once more. Toyohashi-fude writing brushes account for 25% of total production in Japan, and as much as 80% of top quality brushes.


Toyohashi-shi, Aichi

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