Takaoka lacquerware

Toyama, Chubu

Maeda Toshinaga, who governed this region around 400 years ago, built a castle in the city of Takaoka, in present-day Toyama Prefecture. Tradition has it that Takaoka-shikki lacquerware was first produced when Oba Shozaemon, who moved to the castle town, coated the furniture he made with lacquer. This was followed by wardrobes and nagamochi (large oblong chests for storing garments and household goods) and eventually tableware, kitchen utensils and other items for everyday use. Takaoka lacquerware offers a wide range of reliable products backed by tradition, and was designated a traditional craft in 1975.


Traditional Crafts Takaoka Lacquerware Co-operative:Kaihatsu-Honmachi, Takaoka-shi, Toyama
[Bus]JR Takaoka Station/Bus/11 min./Kumano-machi Bus Stop/On foot/3 min.

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