Shigaraki ware

Shiga, Kansai

With a tradition stretching back 1,250 years, Shigaraki is Japans oldest center of ceramics production, and one of the six leading centers in the country. Shigaraki-yaki ware developed as a result of Shigaraki’s strategic location on a major road, and the availability of an abundance of suitable clay. In the Middle Ages, the region boasted a thriving industry making vessels for tea ceremony, with everyday items such as vases and sake bottles produced later on. Today, in addition to general ceramics, a variety of goods are produced here including umbrella stands, tiles, and gardening items such as tables. Shigaraki ware raccoon-dog ornaments are particularly well known throughout the country. Shigaraki ware was designated a traditional craft in 1970.’


Shigaraki-cho, Koka-gun, Shiga

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