Murayama Oshima-tsumugi (pongee)

Tokyo, Kanto

This is a type of tsumugi textile woven in and around the city of Musashi-Murayama, Tokyo. The fabric is modeled on the Oshima-tsumugi weaving of Kagoshima Prefecture, the birthplace of Tsumugi, and is characterized by splashed pattern threads dyed using a technique called itajime, in which threads are fastened on a board for dyeing. In about 1920, Murayama Oshima-tsumugi was created as a woven textile by combining the cotton Murayama-kongasuri and silk Sunagawa-futo-ori techniques and is mainly used for making kimonos. Murayama Oshima-tsumugi was designated a traditional craft in 1970.


Honmachi, Musashi-Murayama-shi, Tokyo

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