Ojiya-chijimi cloth

Niigata, Chubu

Hemp fabric has been woven in the city of Ojiya, Niigata Prefecture for centuries. Ojiya-chijimi was a fabric popularized in the 17th century by improving the traditional superior hemp cloth of Echigo for use in summer garments. The hemp fabric is woven by spinning the weft thread tightly, creating a distinctive crease called a shibo. These creases impart a smooth, cool sensation when the fabric is worn. Ojiya-chijimi cloth is still being made using time-honored techniques and was designated an Important Intangible Cultural Treasure by the Japanese government in 1955, and a traditional craft in 1975.


Ojiya Textile Association:Jonai, Ojiya-shi, Niigata
[Bus]JR Nagaoka Station/Bus/Ojiya Honcho-chuo Bus Stop/On foot/1 min.

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