Miyakonojo daikyu (archery bows)

Miyazaki, Kyushu

Miyakonojo-daikyu (lit. great bows) are made in the city of Miyakonojo in the south of Miyazaki Prefecture. Japanese bows are made of bamboo, and bow-making was a thriving industry here from about the 18th century onward due to the large amount of bamboo produced in this region. Archery survived as a martial art even into modern times, with production growing even further and bows being sent to other parts of East Asia. 90% of the bows in Japan are produced in this region today. As all the processes involved in bow-making, including finding the right bamboo, are carried out by a single craftsman, it is said to take over ten years to master the traditional techniques for each process. Around ten bow makers work here now, and Miyakonojo-daikyu bows were designated a traditional craft in 1994.


Miyakonojo-shi, Miyazaki

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