Katsuyama Take-zaiku

Okayama, Chugoku

Katsuyama-take-zaiku (bamboo-work) is produced in Katsuyama-cho, Okayama Prefecture. The bamboo-work here dates from early in the 19th century, and the techniques used have been handed down through the generations. Containers made of intertwined bamboo, known as soke, are produced in the area, and used to store vegetables and fruit. The soke is a useful implement in that when items are washed and put into it, the design of the container allows them to drain. Soke can also be used for cakes and other foods, and are therefore a very convenient tool for daily living. These days artisans here also produce articles such as breadbaskets, fruit baskets, vases, and mural decorations. In 1979, Katsuyama-take-zaiku was designated a traditional craft by the Japanese government.


Katsuyama-cho, Maniwa-gun, Okayama

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