Kasama ware

Ibaraki, Kanto

Kasama-yaki ware is a traditional craft that began in the latter half of the 18th century in modern-day Hakoda, within the city of Kasama, using techniques passed down to the present day. This area produced a wide range of general household goods, and even after the Meiji restoration, Kasama was widely known for its kitchen containers. After the Second World War, an influx of plastic containers made Kasama ware containers obsolete. However the craft was revived by the people of this region. Kasama ware features a high temperature baking process using a glaze. Each and every piece is carefully crafted by a master craftsman, giving it strength and warmth. Studios here produce not only traditional pottery but also new items such as decorative artworks and light fittings. Kasama ware was designated a traditional craft in 1992.


Kasama-shi, Ibaraki
[Bus]JR Kasama Station/Free bus/10 min.

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