Imari ware

Saga, Kyushu

Imari-yaki is a type of porcelain produced in the city of Arita, Saga Prefecture. The name comes from the port of Imari, from which the porcelain was shipped. Imari ware is also known as Arita ware, referring to the district where it is made. Tradition has it that Imari pottery was first made when a potter who came over from the Korean Peninsula in the latter half of the 16th century discovered minerals suitable for porcelain production in Arita, and began firing porcelain. Imari ware was even exported to faraway Europe to decorate the homes of monarchs and aristocrats. Imari ware is broadly classified into the colorful and ornate Ko-Imari, Kakiemon featuring vermilion over white porcelain, and Nabeshima with delicately painted fine lines. Imari-yaki was designated a traditional craft in 1977.


Imari Ceramics Kaikan:460-11 Aza Nakajima, Shinten-cho, Imari-shi, Saga
[Walk]JR Imari Station/On foot/10 min.

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