Senshu Park

Akita, Tohoku

An attractive park showcasing the beauty of all four seasons, handily located close to the station

Senshu Park was created on the site of Kubota Castle, which was originally built in 1602. The castle itself burned down in the Meiji period, but the Omonogashira-gobansho (a guard post where the samurai on guard duty and in charge of opening and closing the gates were stationed) still remains today. Moreover, the Osumiyagura turret (a building that fulfilled a dual role as a lookout point and armory), which was restored in 1989, and the two-story wooden main gate, which was restored in 2001, help to convey the atmosphere of yesteryear.

Renowned for its views of cherry blossom and azaleas, the avenue of around 800 cherry trees is a spectacular sight in spring, when they all reach full bloom simultaneously. At that time, the park attracts throngs of tourists, hoping to enjoy this magnificent view. In addition, there are events including performances of taiko drumming and other music by local groups, as well as many stalls selling food associated with Japanese festivals. You can enjoy the uniquely Japanese cultural pursuit of “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing). In addition, the lotuses that bloom on the moat from early July provide a feeling of coolness amid the intense heat of summer. With the gold and russet autumn leaves in the fall and snowscapes in winter, this is a park that allows visitors to enjoy the full range of changes over the course of the four seasons. Located close to the station, its tranquil atmosphere and historic flavor are particularly appealing. It’s also a great spot to take photographs to commemorate your visit, so we hope you’ll come and visit.


1-1 Senshu Park, Akita City, Akita
018-832-7941 (Akita City Tourist Information Center)
Turret opening hours: 09:00 - 16:30
Admission Fee
Entry fee for the Osumiyagura turret: 100 yen
December - March

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