Sankeien Garden

Kanagawa, Kanto

Opened by businessman Sankei Hara in 1906 in Yokohama, the Sankeien Garden is known as one of the most outstanding examples of Japanese gardens from the area, offering beautiful sceneries throughout the four seasons. With a size covering a massive 175,000 square meters, the garden is also home to an amazing 10 important cultural property buildings. The buildings were moved from locations such as Kyoto and Kamakura, and each one has an important historical and cultural heritage.

Each season brings with it entirely new colors to the park, including Ume (plum) tree blossoms, lit-up evening Sakura (cherry) tree blossom displays, moon watching parties, chrysanthemum competitions, and autumn leaves, creating breathtaking atmospheres with the view of the historical buildings.


58-1 Honmoku Sannotani, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
9:00-17:00(enter before 16:30)
Admission Fee
Adults: 500 yen
Juniors(Age 6-11): 200 yen
Seniors(65 and above): 300 yen
Dec. 29-31
[Bus]JR Negishi Station/ Bus/ 10 min./ Honmoku Bus Stop/On foot/7 min.

JR Sakuragi-cho Station/ Bus/ 25 min./ Honmoku Sankeien-mae/ On foot/ 3 min.

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