Sakikata Park

Nagasaki, Kyushu

A park on Hirado, which was an important hub for foreign trade during the Edo period

During the Edo period, Hirado was the gateway linking Japan with other countries. Sakikata Park commands a superb view of Hirado Port and the town center. If you climb to the observation platform, you will be able to see the tranquil port and ships at anchor. As dusk falls, you will see a beautiful nightscape illuminated by the delicate light of the streetlamps. As you get a taste of the local pace of life, you’re bound to be filled with a feeling of peace.

Also located in the park is the grave of Miura Anjin (an Englishman who spread knowledge about the West in Japan. Real name William Adams 1564-1620), who contributed to foreign trade on Hirado, and his wife, as well as a monument commemorating Francis Xavier (missionary, 1506-1552), who is said to have visited Hirado. Moreover, it is also renowned for the beauty of its Hirado azaleas and the sight of around 3,500 azaleas in bloom with a profusion of bright red flowers is a feast for the eyes in early May. The Hirado azalea is a flower indigenous to the Hirado area. There are many varieties, because of repeated hybridization, and the park also features a garden of original plants that contains approximately 300 varieties. Enjoy it for the flowers or as a place for a walk. We also recommend sitting here and just letting time slip by as you relax.


Okubo-cho, Hirado, Nagasaki
0950-22-4111 (Tourism, Commerce, and Industry Department, Hirado City Office)

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