Imperial Palace Outer Gardens

Tokyo, Kanto

Public Park with the beautiful and largest green and waterfront spaces in Tokyo with remnants of Edo Castle

The Imperial Palace Outer Gardens used to be a section of the former imperial household grounds but were opened as a public park under direct management of the government. The garden consists of Imperial Palace Outer Garden area that is famous for the square at the front of the Imperial Palace, the Kitanomaru area to the north of the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Palace Outer Perimeter area, which encloses the Imperial Palace in a series of 12 moats. The areas are 115 hectare in total. The park with the largest green and waterfront in the city center is loved by many people as a representative landscape of Tokyo.

The entire area including Imperial Palace Outer Garden is the ground of former Edo Castle. Structures such as moats that preserve its appearance are appointed cultural assets as Special Historic Site Edo Castle for their historic value. Nijubashi (Doble Bridge) that was completed in 1886 and later reconstructed several times is one of the popular sites in the park. The beautiful contrast of the bridge and Fushimi-yagura that has been preserved since the Edo Period creates a scenery worthy of being called a notable site.

Turn your attention to its beautiful natural environment. Spacious lawn areas, groves of black pines, cherry blossoms in spring, luminescent moss in summer, spider lilies and gingko trees in autumn, to name a few, are also attractions of the Imperial Palace Outer Gardens.


1-1 Kokyo-gaien, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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