Asia Focus/Fukuoka International Film Festival

Fukuoka, Kyushu

Since 1991, the Asia Focus/Fukuoka International Film Festival has introduced many outstanding Asian films. Its purpose is to deepen the understanding of Asia, promote cultural and international exchange and discover/foster new talent in the film industry.
Because it is a unique film festival focusing on “Asian films”, it receives considerable attention from Asian film fans, the mass media and distribution companies throughout Japan every year. Most of the films shown at the festival are premiered first in Japan, and when new prints are imported, both English and Japanese subtitles are included so that guests from Asian countries and foreign students studying in Fukuoka can enjoy them without any difficulty. Consequently, the films exhibited at the festival draw wide attention, and are lent out to various places throughout the world and held in high esteem. Thus, the festival also performs a role as a source sending out information.


Solaria Cinema 1, Elgala Hall, Nishitetsu Hall, NTT Yume Tenjin Hall (*Varies according to the year.)
Middle of September every year

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