Beacon Plaza

Oita, Kyushu

Convenient transportation by air, sea and land draw together from all over the world in Beppu-City. Beppu is blessed with an abundance of seafood, mountain vegetables, plateaus and famous hot springs in Japan. B-Con Plaza which is named after “Beautiful”, “Big” and “Beppu” Convention Plaza is located nearby verdant Beppu Park. This comprehensive facility was designed by well-known architect Arata Isozaki who was born in Oita-City. An artistic and magnificent design of its tower is called “The Global Tower”, a symbol of B-Con Plaza representing the planet earth imaginary. This architecture is one of the largest institutions in western Japan in which can accommodate for 8,000 visitors, so that enables people exchange information and interact. Moreover, there is a wide range of uses as follows: international conferences, academic societies, music concerts, trade shows and professional sports events. Entire halls and the Global Tower of B-Con Plaza will bring you a whole new world. From “The Global Tower”, You can see the night view that is registered in the Japan heritage of night views.


12-1 Yamanotecho, Beppu-shi, Oita
End of the year to beginning of the year
[Parking] Parking spaces are available.

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