Nijo Castle

Kyoto, Kansai

Nijo Castle (Nijo-jo) was built in 1603 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founding shogun of the Edo shogunate which ruled Japan from the beginning of the 17th century, for use as a base when he was in Kyoto. The donjon was destroyed by fire caused by lightning in 1750, but the imposing exterior, the opulent interior structure and the splendid garden arranged with megaliths tell us of the dominance of the shogun of the time. The castle ground measures roughly 500 m. east to west and about 400 m north to south, and is designated a Historic Site. The outworks of the castle, designated as a National Treasure, have six buildings connected by corridors, and the walls and sliding paper doors of each room are decorated with paintings by a prominent Japanese artist.


541 Nijojo-cho, Horikawanishiiru, Nijo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Admission Fee
600 yen
Dec. 26-Jan. 4
Tuesdays in January, July, August and December(Wednesday if tuesday is a national holiday)
[Rail]JR Kyoto Station/JR San-in Line/10 min./Nijo Station/On foot/10 min.

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