Matsumae Castle (Fukuyama Castle)

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

Matsumae Castle (Matsumae-jo) belonged to the feudal lords who ruled the southern regions of Hokkaido between the 17th and 19th centuries. Its predecessor, Fukuyama Castle, was completed in 1606. It was reconstructed in 1854 to prepare for attacks by foreign ships, and outfitted with three three-storied castle towers and 15 castle gates, along with 25 cannons pointed out to sea, set on batteries outside the castle walls. With a total area of approximately 77,800 sq m, the castle was situated at the northernmost tip of Japan. The present castle towers are made of ferroconcrete and were rebuilt in 1961. The stone walls and moat remain as they were in old times, and the gate of the main enclosure has been designated one of Japans Important Cultural Properties.’


Matsushiro, Aza, Matsumae-cho, Hokkaido
Admission Fee
350 yen
[Bus]JR Kikonai Station/Bus/1h. 30 min./Matsushiro Bus Stop/On foot/4 min.

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