Kitsuki Castle

Oita, Kyushu

Kitsuki Castle (Kitsuki-jo) stands on top of a plateau roughly 30m high overlooking Morie Bay, east of the city of Kitsuki in Oita Prefecture. It is also known as the “prostrating cow” castle because the landscape surrounded by the sea and cliff looks like a cow prostrating on the ground. The castle is believed to have been originally built in 1394 by Lord Kitsuki Yorinao, the present three-tiered donjon was reconstructed in 1970. Information relating to the castle is exhibited inside the donjon. There is also a corner where visitors can try on a suit of armor that was worn by samurai 200 years ago.


16-1 Oaza Kitsuki, Kitsuki-shi, Oita
Operation hours 9:00 - 17:00(Admission is until16:30)
Admission Fee
Adult; 300 yen 
Elementary and Middle school student; 150 yen
12/29 - 12/31
[Parking] 100 parking spaces are available for free.

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