Aomori Bay Bridge

Aomori, Tohoku

Aomori's popular dating spot with beautiful view at night

The impressive bridge in the Port of Aomori was named Aomori Bay Bridge based on the ideas sought from the public. The construction work started in 1985 and all lanes were opened for traffic in 1994. The bridge is part of the traffic system essential for physical distribution in Aomori Prefecture and at the same time its impressive design makes it a beauty spot of the city.

At 1219 meters the bridge is longest in Aomori City and a symbol of Aomori Water Front with bridge suspensions designed in the shape of “A” take from Aomori. The bridge is majestic by day and picturesque in the light of the evening sun. At night, the lit-up bridge creates a magical atmosphere, which makes it popular among lovers.

Under Aomori Bay Bridge there is a recreational trail of the sea connecting the memorial ship Hakkoda-maru and the Blue Sea Park. The trail is named Aomori Loveridge to provide a place for lovers to express their love. It is also comfortable to simply stroll in sea breeze; the view of the Bay Bridge from the trail is worth seeing. There is a stairway from here to the Bay Bridge.


017-734-4101 (Administrative office in Aomori Port)
Train: a 5-minute walk from JR Ohu Honsen Aomori Station (3 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo; 35 minutes from Aomori Airport)
Car: 15 minutes from Aomori-Chuo Interchange on the Aomori Expressway

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