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Tokyo, Kanto

Central Tokyo is the heart of business, national administration and politics. Within walking distance, sightseeing and shopping spots galore.

Marunouchi district, spreading out on the west side of Tokyo Station, is the largest office area in Japan. The construction work to replace old buildings is presently being promoted, and new multifunctional buildings with offices and shops are going up one after another, such as the Marunouchi Building, Shin-Marunouchi Building, Marunouchi Oazo and TOKIA, as well as first-class hotels. The beautiful red brick Renaissance-style Tokyo Station is now especially popular, as it’s been renovated to the classic outlook of 100 years ago and reopened in October, 2012. Various projects have been undertaken in the area for the comfort of both the people who work there and those just enjoying a visit. Marunouchi-naka-dori Street, in particular, is most suitable for shopping with its abundance of brand name shops.

A 15-minute walk brings you to the Yurakucho neighborhood. The highlight of this area is a visit to the innovatively designed Tokyo International Forum, a convention and art center, comprised of 7 halls and 31 meeting rooms, where there are always interesting events being held.
If you go to Yurakucho, you will be very close to Ginza, a famous representative shopping area of Japan, and Hibiya, the center for government offices. Hibiya-koen Park is the location of Japan's first western-style garden, an open-air concert hall and a restaurant, and it provides a wonderful place for recreation and relaxation.
In the Hibiya, Yurakucho and Marunouchi areas, there are many beautiful buildings, such as those already mentioned, as well as historical sites, new sightseeing spots and art galleries. The OMY Area Management Association offers 2-hour-long guided walking tours of Marunouchi. Each tour has a different theme, so participants visit different spots depending on what theme they have chosen. In addtition, the Sky Bus Counter in the Mitsubishi Building accepts reservations for a 45-minute tour around Marunouchi, the Imperial Palace and Ginza aboard a double-decker bus.

To the east of the office area of Marunouchi lies the current Imperial Palace. Located on a vast site where Edo Castle once stood, it is surrounded with stone walls and moats. While visitors are not allowed to go inside the palace itself, three places are open to public, namely Kokyo Gaien (Imperial Palace Outer Garden), Kokyo Higashi Gyoen (Imperial Palace East Garden) and Kita-no-maru-koen Park. You can enjoy cherry blossoms there in spring, fresh greenery in the early summer, and beautiful colored leaves in autumn.

Kasumigaseki has developed as the center of the national government since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government ministries and agencies of the new Meiji Government were established there. The central government was restructured after the end of the WWII, and almost all ministries are now located in the area. In Nagata-cho, to the west of Kasumigaseki, stand the Diet Building, the Prime Minister's Official Residence and the National Diet Library. This is the core area for the administration and politics of Japan.


From Narita:
[Rail] 1h from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station by JR Narita Express Line.
From Osaka:
[Air] 1h from Itami or 1h 10 min from Kansai International Airport to Haneda Airport.
[Rail] 2h 30 from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line (Nozomi).

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