Nasu Area

Tochigi, Kanto

This highland area extends from Mt. Nasu, featuring eleven onsen of Shiobara which dot the valley of the Hoki River.

The Nasu highlands are located of the Naka River in the northern part of Tochigi. At 1,917 meters above sea level, Mt. Nasu is the main peak of the Nasu volcano, and its 100 meter-wide and 20 meter-deep crater pours our rich smoke and steam.

The highland area extending from the foot of the Nasu volcano is dotted with onsen including Yumoto, Takao and Omaru. Together they form the Nasu-onsen-kyo which is renowned throughout Japan as a resort with offers excellent recreational facilities for golfers, skiers and tourists all year round. Covering a large area that spreads over highlands and plains is the Rindoko Family Ranch, where visitors can try their hand at milking a cow or riding go-karts. The area is also home to the Nasu Animal Kingdom theme park, where visitors can experience dogs and cats up close, and enjoy various animal performances.

Shiobara Onsen Village is located in the southwest region of Nasu in the upper reaches of the Hoki River. It is known for having eleven onsen sources.

The valley offers spectacular views, particularly when the autumn colors are at their most glorious. It also features two suspension bridges, the 320 meter-tall Mamiji-dai bridge at opening of the valley, and the Mikaeri-no-tsurihashi (literally, the “Bridge of
Retrospection”) along the promenade which overlooks Mikaeri-no-taki, a well known scenic spot.


From Tokyo:
Nasushiobara Station can be reached in 75 minutes from Tokyo Station by the JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line. From there, several local bus lines will take you to the Nasu area.

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